Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clean Bookshelf Giveaway

I made a vast overhaul of my bookshelf this weekend. Given the limited space in our two stories of beige (aka rental townhouse) I get one bookshelf. One. Yes, this is painful, and yes, it means that most of the favorites of my youth remained boxed up at my parents' house. But the newly clean shelves and the castoffs (goodbye, old friends) inspired me:

I enjoyed these--and I'd like you to enjoy them, too!

So, for round one of the Clean Bookshelf Giveaway, in conjunction with the Alphabet Challenge from Historical Tapestry, I'm giving away the books I reviewed for the letters "B" (Mr. Timothy by Louis Bayard) and "C" (Peony in Love by Lisa See). They're very gently used high-quality paperbacks. First prize gets first pick.

Entry is easy-two entries possible for each individual:
  • Method A: Leave comment on any blog post but this one (already posted or posted between now and end of giveaway)

  • Method B: Follow this blog, or add me to your blogroll (previously added links count this time!) To be fair to those without blogger accounts, I'll only count one of these.

Do one or both, and then just leave me a comment in this post that tells me what you did. Thanks for playing! I'll leave this open from today until January 31.

Just for kicks, a peek at some of the non-book items I keep displayed on this shelf:

Display shelves--emphasis on eighteenth century miscellany. The handpainted box has to share a shelf with my CS Lewis and my cookbooks.

Closer look at the handpainted box--this was my favorite wedding gift, which a friend did for us. The painted versions of my husband and I actually look quite a bit like us!

Finally, the powder horn my father, an amazing scrimshander, made for my husband. It's sharing the shelf with a reproduction pistol, also a wedding gift (what the giver intended by that, I'm not quite sure...). The top is a common Revolutionary War era image of a hand holding thirteen arrows, for thirteen colonies united in rebellion. The text is lines from the Declaration "That all men are created equal." The bottom photo shows a "Peaceable Kingdom" scene, in which animals coexist with one another on a pastoral background (in this case, Mount Vernon and a seascape with ships), based on the scripture in Isaiah (lion shall lay with the calf, etc).

Thanks for playing, and I hope to share these books with two of you!


Connie Keller said...

A replica revolver as a wedding gift is too funny. But I'm sure the idea was to cater to your love of history. And it's definitely a conversation starter.

Jill said...

I have books stacked in layers on my bookshelves-two to three depending on how many fit. But hubby and I are building a house (almost, not quite).

Rowenna said...

@Connie--that was certainly the spirit. In some ways, I guess it means he had confidence that we *wouldn't* try to use it on one another!

@Arabella--my dream is to have an library with bookshelves for all the walls. Maybe someday, right?

Svea Love said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I commented on another one of your posts! Good luck with the ABC challenge :)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I'm following. Add me in!