Sewing Endeavors

I tend to sew historical clothing--late eighteenth-century era for the historical reenacting I participate in, and mid-century lovelies just for fun and special occasions.

The current project: Stays for a friend.  This is my first such endeavor for someone else--pressure's on!

I'll also be on the lookout for the perfect peacock blue silk for the perfect daintily pleated sacque and whipping up some pieces for a mini 1930s-1940s wardrobe.

A few of my previous projects:

Eighteenth Century

Originally designed as my eighteenth-century wedding gown, I later created the polonaise and now usually wear it as a walking gown with a shorter petticoat.  A full discourse on the gown can be found here.  This is my crowning achievement of fabric scores--100% silk taffeta with woven stripe for $2.99 a yard.  Thanks, Hobby Lobby sale rack.

My basic linen work gown.  Cut en foureau (pretty pleats down the back) and rucked up with the "aping my betters" polonaise skirt.  Practical, my usual camp uniform.

The engageante experiment.  The jacket is a longish caraco style in a block-print cotton.  For the first time, I did engageantes--sleeve frouf.  I usually avoid too much frouf, but the triple layered ruffles were fun!

A ribbon-festooned, block-printed jacket and petticoat for my mother.   It makes her look sassy.  And was fun to make.

First attempt at underpinnings, a pair of 1780s stays.  Turned out reasonably well, and inspired me to work more with corsets. 

Some other fun stuff--I also detailed shift production.  Shift posts include an introduction to shifts, cutting using a proper eighteenth-century diagram, and assembling the shift

Other Time Periods

1880s Inspired Evening Gown--The Sapphire Gown :

Based on elements of 1870s-80s ballgowns, but with modern tailoring and styling.  Mini-bustle, chiffon draping, and antique brooch plus basic a-line gown.  Inspiration board to event on the blog.

1930s Inspired Evening Gown--The Peacock Gown:

The gown is based on a 1930s evening gown pattern, but the draping and asymmetrical straps are my invention.  More on the process from fabric choice to debut on the blog.

The Peacock Gown on the town

The 1940s Cocktail Dress

Plum polyester crepe, paste earrings turned neckline decor, and a pair of shoulder pads.  Plus dancing shoes.  From pattern to final pressing.

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