I sew things--mostly 18th century things, some vintage things, and the occasional modern thing.

Eighteenth Century 

Have silk gown, will party.  Robe a'langlaise retrousse, if you're fancy.

Block print 3/4 length jacket I now believe to be completely wrong for my persona, but it's still pretty.

Aforementioned jacket, alongside pink block print jacket and skirt that I made for my mother and will someday steal from her.

Fording the stream in a simple linen gown en fourreau.  

My short cloak.  It's pretty and warm.

Pink half-boned stays.  True comfort.

The happy pink caraco with coordinating silk-covered hat.  

Light blue basic workaday gown.  Working in my favorite kitchen.

Vintage Style

1940s dress, swing-dance special.

1950s summer dress with fun collar

1930s dinner dress

1930s evening dress

Modern Gowns (with historical twists)

Ballgown with drape and bustle

Asymmetrical shoulder gown based on symmetrical 1930s pattern

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