Can I Help? History Questions

I'll preface this by saying I am in no way an expert on all things historical.  There are areas I know well, and others I've barely a clue in.  However, those I do know, I know pretty thoroughly--and if you're writing, researching, or just curious, I am happy to help out.

My main area of expertise is the eighteenth century, particulary the American Revolution.  If you want to know about clothing (making and wearing), basic military info (weaponry, drill, uniforms), military camp life, artillery, homemaking details, or eighteenth-century surgery/physic, please feel free to drop a line.  Often details from this era spill over into the nineteenth century, so I'm happy to offer insight if you feel it could be helpful.
When fording the streams of research, it helps to have a friend...
I've also picked up quite a bit on 1920s-1940s culture, clothing, dance, music, homemaking, and film--though I'm less of an expert here, I'm happy to share what I can.

To make things just a bit odder, I also have a strange amount of collected knowledge on the Roman Empire and the years of the rise of Christianity, culture clash, and the early church. 

Please feel free to email me!