Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wintertime, and the Sewing is Easy: 1920s-1930s Tap Pants and Slip

Even though my "procrastination" project was a shift, the truth is, I've been procrastinating sewing a lot lately.  Which is sad--I enjoy sewing, from the process of choosing projects and fabrics to having a wearable finished garment.  So I decided to do some just-for-fun sewing--no event that demanded an outfit, no reenacting requirements or needs.

At the risk of overshare....I made undies.

Cute, 1920s/1930s tap pants and a slip (a step-in remains cut and ready to sew on my machine).

I used the Folkwear "Intimacies" patterns (purchased at Amazon Dry Goods)

This is the only picture of humans wearing the garments in this post, FYI.

I started with three yards of lovely blush pink charmeuse, and cut tap pants, a slip, and a step-in/teddy.  I started sewing with the tap pants.

Now, the tap pants are historically styled in the pattern and instructions with a side snap placket.  I made them up intending this, tried them on, and found the fit and feel...well, appropriately historical. Since I plan to use these for summertime jammies, I decided to remove the snap placket, open the side seams, and add in a knit panel so they're a little loungier.

So comfortable! If you want to make a similar adjustment, just leave both sides of the pants open to about halfway down the leg, and then cut a triangle of stretchy knit fabric and topstitch it in:

Then the slip!

The only fiddly bit on the pattern is that, like a lot of 1920s and 1930s pieces, if you've done others, there are lapped seams on the bust.  Not overly tricky, but definitely press your fabric, pin carefully, and sew slowly as these are very visible in the final piece.

Speaking of visible...since my hem and topstitching would be visible, I decided to make them pretty.  I used white cotton thread and picked a fancy vining stitch on my fancy computerized sewing machine (which I did not and would never have chosen for myself, but having this option was fun!)

A few more shots of the slip on my favorite model, Felicity the Dress Form:

I cheaped out and did machine overcast edges instead of French seams.

It felt really great to be sewing for fun again! And I have to say--both options are very comfortable and I can see myself wearing them often once spring warms things up around here (it's still flannel jammie season around here).  Looking forward to making the step-in...and to trying this in white cotton, too!


ista said...

I love your underthings ... though the pattern is by Folkwear not Past Patterns ;)

Rowenna said...

Thanks for the catch, Ista! I corrected it in text. This is what happens when I multitask :)