Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Year in Review

I usually take a minute to talk end-of-year nostalgia in terms of what I made this year.

This year I didn't make a whole lot of anything.

I made two things.

Exactly two.

One was the Cream Puff Silk Hat, which I lurve for being huge and awesome and not subtle, so very in-your-face-18th-century-aesthetic:

The other is a bedgown.  I failed to blog about making the bedgown; it's a simple linen piece made with the Larkin and Smith pattern, so there's not much to talk about there as their research and instructions speak for themselves, but as I'm taking a second to talk sewing, it's worth mentioning how this one happened.

The beginning of this year was hot.  Stupid hot.  I don't know what happened, but every darn event in the early season was sweltering.  So two friends and I decided--we need bedgowns.  Lightweight linen, no nonsense, no stays needed bedgowns for the times when it is too ding dang hot to get dressed properly without risking heat stroke.

So we got together one Saturday and cut and sewed and got mostly finished on our projects, then finished up the hems and cuffs and whatnot at home.  


It's great for mornings, before I've had time to get laced into stays, and it's great for evenings when I want to undress a little.  And for hot days--and days when one wakes up with a migraine (yes, that happened in camp and no, it's not fun)--it's unbeatable.  

E and I on Bedgown Sunday:

And since I didn't get much made this year, a quick review of some of my favorite moments instead--because, really, I make this stuff to get out and enjoy living history in:

E and her bestie hitch a ride from me.  This wagon was the best distraction during long event days!

Blowing bubbles in the shade!

I just love this shot, taken at Historic Locust Grove by the lovely photographer behind Asha Ananda Photography.  I'm taking a peek in on the kitchen with my husband behind me.  There are most likely shenanigans brewing in the kitchen, for what it's worth.

Another from Asha, and I hope my friend here forgives me, but laughing like your face might fall off is probably the best part of reenacting.  I'm fairly sure we had just coined a new euphemism for eighteenth century whores based on breakfast foods, and trust me, funnies.
Yes, that's a modern coffee cup.  Sue me.

And I leave you with my child, crawling on a cannon, holding what appears to be some kind of beer stein.  Lovely.

I hope your year held as many memories, and all the best in the New Year!

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