Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Market Fair at Locust Grove--Perfectly Normal Family Fun

This year we introduced Little E to Locust Grove at the Fall Market Fair.  She's been twice before, but both times she was a wee thing and wouldn't remember:

First event at one month old

Second time at seven months old

Three-year old E quickly decided that this event was great and that this site is the happiest place on earth.

We agree fully.

Making a historically accurate doll? On the docket this winter.

I mean, that's a working kitchen chockablock full of awesome people talking, singing, sewing, knitting, chasing babies--is there anything better?

Photo from Asha Ananda Photography

And taking a peek at the action inside:

Photo from Asha Ananda Photography

Just rather happy that my hair is staying up and my false rump is doing its job: