Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photos from a Fabulous Fall Event

Sometimes you have a weekend that reminds you why you love reenacting.

A group of us gathered at a huge forest preserve in a little corner of east-central Illinois a couple weeks ago, and it was just that kind of weekend. No modern intrusions, not a huge group of people but enough to get out on the field and have some fun, and beautiful fall weather.

My friend Asha captured some great images from the weekend, which I have shamelessy stolen and reposted here.  They're hers--and for more information about Ananda Asha Photograhy go to  You can see the full album on Facebook.

We had a large contingent from our unit there, along with our three-pounder, Milton.

Yes, we named our cannon.

That's me in the middle, probably checking to make sure all the right tools are in the side boxes.  My husband and I own Milton, so even though I'm not a man-at-arms, I feel a certain responsibility for him and usually involve myself in getting him ready to field in some way or another--making sure we've got rounds, checking the implements we use to clean and load him, double-checking that we've got a spare vent pick in the side box, plus ear plugs, because Milton is really loud.  He's my cast iron baby.

I attached new sleeve ruffles to this gown in the car on the way to the event...I'm not sure they're working.  In fact, I'm fairly sure they're a little too "floof" for this working gown.  I took them off and will be putting them on my silk gown instead.  On the upside, they're a gorgeous "book" muslin and were really fun to work with.  

It should be noted that by this point in the day I was quite literally falling apart--my skirts had gone all wonky in the back:

and I lost a pin:

which I didn't notice for a good hour after this picture was taken.  Well, you get a nice shot of my stays.  File under "Wardrobe Malfunction: 18th Century Edition."

Looking at prints and paintings, especially those by Sandby, it seems that wonky skirts and missing pins and other dressing imperfections weren't that uncommon in the life of everyday 18th century people.  Glad to know I'm in good historical company.

It was also E's birthday weekend--she turned three, and we celebrated with (a big modern frosting-encased) cake Saturday night. Sadly, I failed to get a picture of the cake with the only candle we had on hand--a huge beeswax thing shoved in the middle.

Asha did catch a shot of E playing with her birthday gift from her bestie (whose mom blogs over at ). Ahoy! Cake off the port bow!

And my favorite shot of the weekend: Bedgown Sunday Snuggles with E: 

(And the winter project? Correct shifts for E. I'm fairly sure she's wearing--get this--MY OLD SHIFT and though my parents didn't know any better then, there's some inaccuracies I need to fix.)