Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blue February

So, I failed at my Historical Sew Fortnightly blue project way back in February.  I had some leftover blue charmeuse that I decided to work into a 1930s slip, and had to alter a pattern I already had, and failed miserably, and cut the thing wrong, and, well, it's a lovely addition to the scrap bin now.

Least said, soonest mended.

But I also had another blue project--repainting the bleige bedroom in the House of a Thousand Windows.  I chose Valspar "Stillness" for the project, realizing only after I had finished just how influenced I was by the winter landscape I was surrounded by daily--clear, warm blue sky, soft white snow, and bare dark branches.

I intended to post a while know, like, in February...but my camera died.

I haven't been terribly concerned with selecting historical colors or decorating plans for the house--for one, its history spans almost 150 years, and an extensive remodel in the 1890s makes it feel a little silly to aim for anything "original" with the house.  Instead, I'm picking what I like and what feels right--and here, the space feels inviting and calming now.  As opposed to feeling...bleige.

So, a peak into my newly blue-ly bedroom.

Awkward corner--possibly not original to the house. 

Radiator Cat

Cherry 1940s furniture courtesy of my grandparents--we found a tag inside the bureau that read "Cavalier Furniture: The Heirloom of Tomorrow."  Looks like it.

Happy French doors leading to sleeping porch/sewing room/random cat space