Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Simple 18th Century Cap

Submitted under the Sew Fortnightly as hosted by The Dreamstress:
Challenge: #13 – Under $10
Fabric: 1/2 yard cotton voile, tops
Pattern: Drafted based on caps I've made before and tweaked to follow inspiration from this image:
Mrs. Carwardine, 1781

Year: 1770-1785
Notions: Linen cord for drawstring, thread   
How historically accurate is it?  Quite!  Handsewn using period stitch techniques (rolled hems, whipstitching, wheee!) and drafted to mimic common features of period examples.  Using cotton was a departure for me--I typically use linen--but the way many upper-class caps drape and fall on the head lead me to believe they are not my standard-weight linen.  I've experimented with different weights of linen and silk organza.
Hours to complete: Maybe 3 total
First worn: TBD...

Total Cost:  This was all stash fabric and notions, so, technically, $0.00.  The fabric I used goes for about $6.50 a yard, so I'll say this item was $3.25 to make.  I will likely add a wide silk ribbon the next time I can browse the draper's in person, which will run me about $4 a yard, for a yard and a half, totaling $6 to add some flourish.

The pre-sewn pieces:

The pieces, from left: Ruffles (there are two identical), half-oval back pouf, cap band (again, two identical)

For scale, the same shot with my cat, Sophie Biscuit.  Thanks for helping, Sophie Biscuit.

Finished cap, as modeled by my vacuum.  I set it down for a second and then thought...yeah, that's kinda funny.

Flat view

Detail of ruffle hem and whipstitching

Me and my radiator.   I just threw my hair up in a quick bun--I know from experience that when my hair is properly dressed, the cap will let more hair show and sit higher on my head (more like Mrs. Carwardine up top).

Final Thoughts:  I'm happy with the cap, but I'm still on the search for the perfect fabric that combines sheerness with enough crispness to hold but not too much stiffness.  See Snow Beast.  

I also want to re-experiment with narrower ruffles.

There's always something, isn't there?


ista said...

Maybe cotton organdy - semistiff not the stiff - would have enough crispness to do the trick?

Rowenna said...

Organdy and super-fine linen are next on my experiment list :) Honestly, seeing how different fabrics affect the final look of a similar pattern is really fun!