Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Historical Fortnightly Plans (Best Laid, of Course)

I've gazed longingly at The Dreamstress's Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge for the past year and a half.  I've wanted to jump in, but during year #1 real life intervened (baby!busy!allthethings!). Then a stack of "must finish" sewing projects precluded me from jumping in on the first half of this year.  Now that the Winter of Buttonholes is complete, I'm looking to my own wardrobe and a few other projects I'd like to work on with the remainder of 2014.  

Besides, I've gotten so used to sewing every evening that I'm not sure what to do with myself when the Husband and I watch TV or whatever.  I have the "should be sewing" itch.

So I'm jumping in on the challenge!  My plans as they stand thus far:

  • #13: Under $10 – due Tue 14 July.  Caps!  I plan to make a plain and a fancy cap (one for me, one for a friend).  I have fabric in my stash but may purchase some very nice lawn or similar if I find it.  Regardless, the final project will be of fabric value under $10.  
  • #14: Paisley & Plaid – due Fri 1 August. Checked apron.  My poor workhorse apron needs a replacement, and checks are very common to 18th century aprons.
  • #15: The Great Outdoors – due Fri 15 August.  I've owed my mother a short cloak for ages.  Time to pay up.
  • #16: Terminology – due Mon 1 September.  If I can, my caraco.  If I can't....undecided.  The term caraco is currently unrepresented in The Dreamstress' list, but pierrot is in the Terminology Encyclopedia.  And to be honest...I've been doing lotsa research on the term that I'd kinda like to share!
  • #17: Yellow - due Mon 15 September.  Yellow and I are not good friends.  I like her and keep inviting her over, and she keeps snubbing me.  TBD.
  • #18: Poetry in Motion - due Wed 1 October  Unsure...I need to dig into my song archives and poetry books for inspiration!  I do know, however, that I want to finish a linen robe a l'anglaise en foureau sometime this year.  If there's any way that one can be shoehorned in....maybe!
  • #19: HSF Inspiration - due Wed 15 October.  I've been so inspired by everything that's been done thus far that picking will be difficult!  There are plenty of gorgeous gowns.  Maybe the gown I plan would fit here.
  • #20: Alternative Universe – due Sat 1 November.  For kicks, probably a fanciful hat or simple costume to wear on Halloween.  
  • #21: Re-do – due Sat 15 November.  If I can't finish the caraco for Terminology, I'll finish it for this one--under the "Pink" challenge.
  • #22: Fort-nightliers Choice : Gentlemen – due Mon 1 December.  Sorry, hubs, but after sewing dozens of buttonholes for your new regimental?  I'm not sewing another darn thing for you this year!  TBD on a gentleman's inspired item for me-self. 
  • #23: Modern History – due Mon 15 December.  Something wearable in a modern context--if Mom's short cloak doesn't get finished for "Great Outdoors" it will fit the bill here.
  • #24: All that Glitters – due Thur 1 January.  Not sure if I'll get to this one.  Can I say that in my dream world, it would be this? 


Evie said...

I'm very impressed that you can get sewing done every night. That is a feat indeed. Best of luck with your deadlines!

Connie Keller said...

You are so ambitious! Can't wait to see all the lovely things you'll make. BTW, I'm drooling over the gown pictured at the end.

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Evie--not sure I manage to sew *every* evening, but I try to, and deadlines help me not ignore my sewing basket in favor of sitting on the couch, drooling on myself.

Thanks, Connie--I LOVE that gown, too!