Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What I'm Sewing Now: Heading Into Winter

Whoops!  I haven't updated in ages!

But I've been sewing.

A lot.

The fall reenacting season ended with a challenge, a gentlemen's agreement, and a plan.  How so?  My husband needs a new regimental coat. I hate tailoring men's clothing.   A friend of mine has skill in men's tailing and a significant other who needs clothes.  I love making ladies' clothes.  So? An arrangement was born.

I then picked up another "assignment" to make a friend new reenacting clothing.

I also am sewing all the buttonholes for the regimental coat.

So, I am currently:

1) Working on buttonholes.  I finished a cuff.  This is going to take a while.  For those not aware of the extent this job requires, officer's coats had extended buttonholes that (but of course) need to be hand-stitched.  They look divine.  They take quite a while.

2) Making two "basic wardrobes" consisting of a shift, two petticoats, a bedgown, an apron, and a cap for my friends.  Stays and a gown will probably happen for one or both ladies next year.  So far I have an apron and a bedgown finished, and four petticoats in various stages of completion.

3) My own pair of new stays.  Those are finished.  And pretty--I promise a post about them soon!

4) Hopefully, a new gown for myself.  I have this delightful greensyblue linen that I want to roll around in that I plan to make into an en fourreau gown.

I'm going to try to treat this blog as my accountabilibuddy in terms of finishing all of this.  Keep me honest, folks!

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