Monday, October 14, 2013

Babyface's First Birthday Party

In planning E's first birthday party, we waffled a lot on what kind of theme, if any, to pick.  We aren't really cute people.  There's nothing wrong with teddy bears or picnics or Disney or any of that, we just can't pull it off.  What we do like?  Vintage and historical themes. 

So even though the normalcy of picking a Bootlegger's Ball for our child's birthday is questionable, it's what we went with.  Finding other 1920s inspired first birthday parties floating around for inspiration?  A harder feat.  So in case anyone else is so inclined, I'm posting our party concepts here!

Babyface E invited her friends to bring their "sweet tooth and dancing shoes" to our place. 

We had a spread of vintage-recipe treats--pie, old-fashioned thumbprint and gingersnap cookies, and a chocolate layer cake, plus sandwiches and crudites.  

The treats were all homemade from favorite recipes from family and friends, but I saved some cleanup sanity by picking simply pink and black disposable tableware.

It was a Bootlegger's Ball, so of course we had hooch--grown-up beer and root beer in the brown bottles favored by bootleggers everywhere:

Despite the prohibition against selling booze, Champagne remained a popular drink throughout the 1920s, so we paid homage to that with fizzy sparkling ciders and juices.  We also concocted a "Shirley Temple" punch (with a little jug of white lightening floating around in case someone wanted to spike their glass).

The tower of coupes was made from plasticware glasses, but we skipped the drama (and the mess!) of a poured Champagne fountain.

Our cake--I considered doing a Deco design with store-bought fondant, but decided to do a homemade cocoa whipped cream frosting because, well, it tastes awesome and that's really the point of cake, isn't it?

E had a happy, peachy, flapper-inspired lace dress with jazzy pearls.  More on creating that later--a simple and cheap custom project for an Art Deco birthday or a fun photo shoot, especially as similar items go for over $50 on etsy!

Each of the menu items had a fun card--the font geek in me spazzed out a little playing with Art Deco inspired fonts on  

Our playlist--hits from the 1920s and 1930s, plus some Django Reinhardt, evoked a speakeasy feel.  We left some space open by the drink tables just in case anyone wanted to break into the Charleston.  

And I think the party was the bee's knees!

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Connie Keller said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.