Friday, September 27, 2013

New Obsession: Homemade Baby Food

I feel the need to explain.  I'm not a terribly crunchy mama.  I'm not terribly concerned about pesticides and GMOs and bogeymen in grocery store food.  I'm just terribly cheap.  Have you seen how much Gerber charges for a little cup of mush?  Yeah.  I'm too cheap for that action.

So for the last few months, I've been making Baby E's food.  

Plus, there's something satisfying about dumping ingredients in a food processor and whirring it to squishiness.  
The tools of the trade: 
Food processor (I have a cheapie, super basic Ninja).
Ice cube trays (for freezing prepped food)
Fruits, veggies, grains, whatever you want to throw together

Seriously, it's that simple.  

Now, plenty of people make their own baby food and manage to stay reasonably sane.  But I've gotten a little obsessed to the point that I really enjoy coming up with new blends...and new ridiculous names.  So, a few of my favorite baby food recipes.  Just combine in the food processor, blend to a smooth consistency, spoon into trays, and freeze.  Or serve.

Scrambled Dinosaur Eggs 
This turns out green and mottled and for some reason dinosaur eggs came to mind.  I had a batch of green beans by themselves that E would not eat (can't blame her, have you ever tried eating green beans with the texture removed?  Ick.)  So I came up with something that incorporated the beans.
Green Beans and/or Peas (about a cup total)
Pears (either two fresh or one can--and anytime you do canned, make sure you're not buying the stuff in syrup)
Brown Rice (cooked, about half a cup)

Orange GooGoo
It's, um, orange.
One cooked sweet potato
A couple cooked carrots
One peach, nectarine, or half a can of peaches

This one is so tasty I want to eat it.
Half a can of pumpkin or equivalent 
One apple, cooked soft
Dash of cinnamon

This kind of whips up soft and fluffy-looking.  And is a good way to get rid of the metric ton of zucchini that always accompanies late summer
Half a decent-sized zucchini
Half a banana

Fun, easy, money-saving...who could ask for anything more?


Anonymous said...

Funny...I am very much planning to write a post just like this. I'll have to link your post to mine. Like you, (unsurprisingly), I make baby food because I'm cheap. :) Not because I need to have the all organic, natural, unprocessed food or avoid GMO's. Heck, my husband uses GMO's in his fields! But I will say that I can tell homemade baby food tastes a whole heck of a lot better, and probably has a lot more nutrients in it.

Evie said...

Haha! Cheapness and laziness are two of my primary parenting techniques. I'm so lazy I'm leaning towards full on baby-led weaning when we get to that stage. Who has time to put stuff in the blender and then wash it?! ;)

Rowenna said...

Kathleen--great minds think alike! Homemade food definitely tastes better on the whole. Those Gerber green beans don't even taste like food, lol!

Evie--Cheapness and laziness FTW! I thought about baby-led weaning for about as long as it took to realize that Eleanor is the pickiest about touching food. She still is, and she's on mostly finger foods now. But anything soft or squishy and she gives me this "Mom, ew!" look and starts flinging her hand trying to wipe it off. Babies are weird.