Monday, March 11, 2013

Wearing the Paprika Dress

Just a quick post to show the 1930s dress in action!  I got to wear the spicy-colored dress shortly after finishing it to a friend's 1930s themed birthday party (1930s for her 30th--brilliant idea!)

Accessorized with: Red t-strap shoes that approximate vintage (though not quite...I'd love to get a more suitable pair!)
Gold leaf-motif headband
Pearl earrings--in looking at 30s era photos and movies, simple studs seemed to be used fairly often
Red lipstick (that wore off after a couple cocktails and was never reapplied)

It was a family-friendly event, so E made the rounds before getting tucked into bed for the night.  Too bad I didn't have time for a 1930s accurate dress for her, too!

We rounded out a lovely evening with some casino-style action.  Though none of us really knew how to play roulette, we had authentic cocktails by our masterful bartender.

Next up--I plan to make a 1940s Easter dress.  I seem to do better when I have a specific goal or event in mind--do you find that you tend to make clothes or work on projects for a specific event or deadline, or do you create whatever strikes your fancy?


Evie said...

I make it a general rule not to even let myself buy fabric unless I have a specific project in mind. If I don't things get out of control real fast! The dress turned out great! said...

Your dress looks great! I follow both approaches but I've discovered that with having a toddler it's much harder to get things done, so having a deadline/event really helps.

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Evie! I know what you mean about fabric pattern stash is also getting out of hand!

Sew--thanks! Having the small one around makes deadlines or "reasons" for new clothes a necessity for me, too!