Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I'm Sewing Now: March Edition

1) Still working on the Sky Blue Gown--it's mostly handsewn in little bursts while watching random documentaries on Netflix with the Husband.  Which is my excuse for being in-cred-ib-ly slow on this project. I still need to fix a wonky skirt issue and finish the front of the gown, but it's done aside from that!  Full post with photos when I finish.  Which will be soon (that promise was for my benefit more than anything else!).

2) Easter dress!  I'm attacking this adorable 1940 pattern from EvaDress:

in a robin's egg blue herringbone that is unfortunately polyester (my least favorite fabric to work with, le sigh), but is surprisingly ok so far in terms of not being a rude synthetic fabric jerk.  So far the bodice and skirt and yoke are constructed, still need to do some finish work on each, assemble the pieces, and add the sleeves.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wearing the Paprika Dress

Just a quick post to show the 1930s dress in action!  I got to wear the spicy-colored dress shortly after finishing it to a friend's 1930s themed birthday party (1930s for her 30th--brilliant idea!)

Accessorized with: Red t-strap shoes that approximate vintage (though not quite...I'd love to get a more suitable pair!)
Gold leaf-motif headband
Pearl earrings--in looking at 30s era photos and movies, simple studs seemed to be used fairly often
Red lipstick (that wore off after a couple cocktails and was never reapplied)

It was a family-friendly event, so E made the rounds before getting tucked into bed for the night.  Too bad I didn't have time for a 1930s accurate dress for her, too!

We rounded out a lovely evening with some casino-style action.  Though none of us really knew how to play roulette, we had authentic cocktails by our masterful bartender.

Next up--I plan to make a 1940s Easter dress.  I seem to do better when I have a specific goal or event in mind--do you find that you tend to make clothes or work on projects for a specific event or deadline, or do you create whatever strikes your fancy?