Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I'm Sewing Now : January Edition

I thought a lot about my last post--wanting to sew but being on the fence about having time.  Well, I figured that it's pretty darn useless to decide whether or not you have time for something without trying it first.  So I decided to start 2013 out with two projects that are more failsafe than others I could try:

1) A new 18th century gown.  My reenacting clothes are getting a touch ragged, so it's needed (needing something is a plus for finishing it!).  Also, it's something I know how to do already--I'm confident I can complete it without major snafus because, well, I've already encountered most of the snafus one can encounter.

I made the linen lining/fitting muslin (this is probably round two of about four of tweaking):

and cut out the fashion fabric:

and the bodice is now completely constructed but I don't have pics of that.  More to come along with the Super Fabulous Best Ever Slipstitch method I tried out for this piece!

2) A 1930s dress.  I love the 1930s, I love how so much of the clothing is eminently wearable today, and I love that so many gorgeous patterns exist.  I have spent more hours than I care to admit drooling over reproduction patterns on EvaDress and the Vintage Pattern Lending Library.

The reason it's failsafe?  It's relatively simple so I can get it finished.  I'm excited about it, but it shouldn't take long enough for that excitement to wane too much.  And finally?  I have a 1930s party to go to in two weeks.  That's the motivation to finish I needed!

Cute, eh?  It's getting done up in a spicy, pumpkin-y orange crepe and satin a la View B here, except with a thin belt instead of the sash.  Maybe it's because I got my latest Penzey's spices order the same day I cut the dress out, but I keep thinking of it as "the Paprika Dress" for the reddish brownish orange color!

Can't wait to get back to sewing....and to wear these new pieces...and to update you all!

What winter projects are keeping you busy?


Lady D said...

I've always been a 40's and 50's gal but recently discovering the 20's and the 30's in particular (great for everyday/workwear). I have waaay too many projects planned. It's my own fault for signing up to 2 challenges. lol!
I've a 50' skirt to finish, a 50's blouse to make. Some swing trousers to make, a cape/cloak (haven't decided yet) to make, a 'flapper dress' for the next retro dance to make. And I have to hand sew the lot. eeep!

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Lady D! It's funny--I too got into vintage through interest in the 40s/50s and I even admit that I used to find the 30s frumpy! I've since realized I was terribly mistaken--lots of good stuff there!

Good luck on your projects, can't wait to see how they turn out!