Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stuff to Make in 2013

I have mixed feeling about creating a lofty goal list for this year.  Usually the New Year has me all gung-ho, ready to enjoy last year's creations and spur myself ahead to take on more challenges in the next year.

This was before having a baby.

These things keep you busy.  Seriously.  Love her.  But when it comes to looking ahead to the coming year, my optimism is at odds with the reality of squeezing projects in between baby care.  

At the same time, Baby E is opening up avenues of creativity that I haven't really explored.  For one, the obvious--clothes for her.  But there's also the reinvention of my reenacting persona that comes along with having a little person to watch out for all the time.  I foresee fewer battlefield escapades and more downtime (by "down" I mean on the floor with a kid, not resting) in camp.  So I started thinking about that some more, and who I'm "supposed to be" per my reenacting bio, and I thought...

...I need nicer clothes.  Most of my campwear is workwear.  Yet I'm an officer's wife who is visiting an encampment near her home.  Now with baby included.  I'll still get plenty of use out of the workwear, but it sure would be nice to fit the upper-middle-class sort of persona I've created for myself.

So I decided to start working on a new gown and plan a riding habit.  And I got really excited thinking about those two things.

And got excited thinking about other things, too.

Is it all going to get done?  Of course not.  Is it fun to think about, and does writing a list help motiviate me?  Most definitely.

The Too-Lofty 2013 Project List

1) 18th Century Baby Clothes.  We're going to need more as she gets bigger, and possibly something on the nicer end if we end up doing the baptism at an event as we plan on doing.

2) The Gown.  The gown is just a basic 18th century linen gown, but it's the pattern and the draping that are going to make it The Gown.  I'm creating a pattern that works--really works--and doing things more *right* than I've done before.  Less fudging.  More good stuff.

3) Accessories for The Gown.  I envision doing The Gown in pale blue, and making a sheer white kercheif, cap, and apron to go along with it.

4) Riding Habit.  Who doesn't know this piece:

Except I want to do it in green and white, Continental Marine colors.  I can't document that anyone did that, but it was trendy in Britain to copy one's husband's unit's uniform in habit styling...so I can't see why a young, stylish wife in the colonies might not do so as well.

5) Work on the House.  I need to paint the laundry room, and I have dreams of taking that dingy cave of a room and turning into a bright, well-organized, clean space.  This is my One Big Project for the house for this year.

6) I think I want to make new stays.  Again.  They're sort of addictive.

7) Curtains.  We need curtains in about half the rooms in the House.  Am considering ordering a bolt of cotton voile and going to town.

8) Fun vintage pieces.  I love 30s, 40s, and 50s era clothing, and sewing it up is often the work of a dedicated weekend afternoon.  Yet I never do.  I should.  Because it's fun.

How much will I get done?  We'll see.  What are your 2013 plans?


Savannah J. Foley said...

I love your lofty goals! They are indeed ambitious. I am totally interested to see how that riding habit comes out. Best of luck to you in 2013!

Cassidy said...

Great to-do list! I kind of want to do baby sewing - L'Art de la Lingere has a whole chapter on it, I could just imagine all the bitty shifts and hats.

Annabelle said...

Very fun list! I'm looking forward to seeing what you get accomplished and am envious of you having a little person to dress up...even if she does take up some sewing time!