Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maternity 18th Century Clothing in Action

So far my plans for accommodating a growing belly with my current 18th century wardrobe are working!  I've been to two events so far this year (one this weekend--holy cannoli, but it was hot!) and the garments are all holding their own:

Gestational Stays: Best thing ever.  Seriously.  They allow me to continue to wear my fitted gowns and jackets because the back is still shaped 18th century style, while allowing for expansion in front.  Plus, a little back support is actually really nice.  Will post pics as soon as I have my sanity back from this weekend.

Current Fitted Garments: Still working, though becoming problematic.  I made a printed cotton stomacher that matches my caraco and coordinates with my linen gown, and though it's currently workable and even kind of cute, it's probably going to be outgrown.  Will have to keep adjusting and trying new options as we continue!  I wear an apron to cover the hilariously splayed-out bottom portion of the gown bodice.

Everything Else:  It's so awesome how shifts and petticoats are so adjustable!  It is funny though--I've already developed the characteristic "shortened front" that happens when your petticoats have more ground to cover in front than in back.  It's actually kind of nifty to share this with women who lived centuries ago!

Yes, I always fail to do real photo shoots and have to rely on what friends snap over the course of a weekend!  But here's the caraco in action, with the apron tied higher than usual to accommodate the bump (classic 18th century move--I think some have claimed it's a deliberate camouflage technique, but honestly, there's no other comfortable way to tie it!):

Seated shot...not as great at showing how the clothing works, but it shows how shade works.  Shade works really well when it's 95 degrees.

Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  Despite the heat, it's always a privilege to celebrate the weekend by actively remembering those who came before us.


Annabelle said...

You look lovely! The color combination is really pretty and delicate...I always love seeing more pastels than browns and dark blues.

Angela said...

Oh Rowenna, I didn't know you were expecting. I must have missed this! Congrats! Is this your first? How exciting. You look great. Don't forget the gaulle or chemise dress will work really well as you get bigger. Granted it is more late 1880's early 90's which may not work with the living history you do. But a couple of friends of mine have used the chemise dress after the baby is born to make nursing a bit easier and its comfortable carry the babe in arms, and sling. Best wishes. When are you due?

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Annabelle! I do have darker clothes, too...but these are my "nicer" things so I felt free to be a little more careless about being practical with the colors :)

Angela, thanks! I've toyed with the idea of a chemise, actually--it's just a *touch* late for my period, though still passable with some fancy storytelling of why I'm so fashion-forward lol :)