Monday, April 16, 2012


I have the gestational stays almost finished (and a good thing, too--I need them this weekend!), but wanted to share, instead of pictures and a project rundown, an apology that I've been absent and will continue to be spotty. About two weeks ago my husband got a job out of state, and in about two weeks we're moving. Yeah. Apparently doing "one thing at a time" isn't our operational mode, so yep--new job, interstate move, buying a house, and having a baby all at once. I think it's like ripping off a bandaid, change is...might as well have it all done at onec! I might be a touch checked out for a couple weeks--but I'll be back, and around when I can!

Because spring is pretty, timely, and represents change for the positive:


Anachronist said...

I wish you only good experiences concerning all the changes in your life!

Isis said...

I can recommend for usefuls tips on a stressfree move.

Good luck!

MrsC said...

Go you! Carpe diem! :) All the best!

Hema P. said...

Having been away from blogland for quite some time, I have missed out on a lot of developments, obviously! First off, congratulations! Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy (swollen ankles and crankiness notwithstanding :)).

Change is the only constant, yup! Hope the move and everything goes smoothly for you all.