Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Mystery Fabric, Solved! And the Winners Are...

Apologies for leaving you in suspense so long (well, perhaps not in so much suspense as all that...) I have some exciting new things going on that stole some time last week, and will keep on doing so for the next couple months, but let's get on to the point!

What is that fabric becoming?

I'll tell you--some of the ideas put forth by the guesses really got me thinking! Brooke's idea for a pale pink cocktail dress, complete with accessories, might have to go on the to-make list. And Taylor and MrsC are both spot-on that I'm in love with 1912 and want to make a gown from the era soon (and peachy pink would be lovely for an evening gown, in my opinion). Cassidy is correct that 1920s is on the (cutting) table for me--just not for this project.

Someone, however, did guess 100% correctly.

And that person guessed that I'm making a set of stays.

But wait! I said this was going to be different! A new project, a departure! So it must be a different era, right? Maybe Regency? Maybe early 18th century?

Nope. Still late 1770s/early 1780s.

OK, that's just cheating.

Except. A certain Anonymous (and please feel free to id yourself in the comments and claim your prize!) was correct in the slight difference. I'm making gestational, or maternity, stays.

Which means that, yes, the next departure will be baby clothes.

Hopefully by September.

Yikes. That's a lot of work on a lot of fronts :)

Wish me luck! And I'll be posting my progress and the fun stuff I find on clothes for mothers and babies in the eighteenth century along the way!

And the winner of the prize, chosen at random (and with quite a good guess of her own) is Caroline! You've got my email, Caroline--drop me a line to claim your prize :)

Photos soon of the stays in progress, and my research on stays for expanding waistlines soon!


Anonymous said...

The anonymous guess was by Heather Beery. I'm so excited for you and Randy! By the way, we're moving back to the Indy area in June and would love to get together with you guys sometime.

Connie Keller said...


MrsC said...

Oh wow that is so exciting!!!! And a very tough guess too! But worth getting it wrong to find out the right answer. Funny, I know so many women making (admittedly less excitingly presented) announcements recently, but it can't be a seasonal thing as we are in Autumn here and you are in Spring...

Cassidy said...


Rowenna said...

Hi Heather! Thanks--and would love to see you and Jesse again soon!

MrsC--I think it's something in the water--I'm the fourth person in my (not terribly large, not terribly female-dominated) workplace this year!

Cassidy and Connie--thanks!