Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mystery Fabric, Henceforth Known as PeachXsplosion

A little bit about the Mystery Fabric--guess what it's for here to win!

So--two yards of white silk, a little tub of salmon dye, and me.

We did what we were supposed to do, the three of us--we got our dye going and we did testers. And we followed the instructions quite to the T.

And then something terrible happened, which I can't explain.

My salmon dye, tried and tested, dyed my silk traffic-cone orange.

This was quite distressing. I was aiming for a pink, peach, salmon, heck--even calomine colored final product. Anything in that range would have made me happy. And then I saw the fabric inching closer and closer in the dye pot toward something that I would make a safety vest out of.

I pulled the plug. That is to say, I pulled the fabric from the pot and just started rinsing. And rinsing. And rinsing some more. Fortunately, as the dye hadn't steeped for too long yet, it wasn't completely set, and quite a bit came out.


And then I washed it, and more color came out.

Phew again.

And then when it dried, it came out a light, unassuming peach.

Giant sigh of relief.

After all the rinsing and washing, it looks about like this, except a touch warmer and less pink (no photos yet, but this is the thread color I'm using swiped from the webbernets(:

And it's not really a hint, but I will say--the peachy pink is perfect for the project I have in mind for this fabric!

Contest open until 3-28 here--just wager a guess what this fabric is for, and be entered to win prizes!


Connie Keller said...

Oh, wow, I can only imagine the panic as you saw it turning orange. I'm glad it came out okay.

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