Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Contest! Guess What the Fabric is For and Win a Prize!

I feel like having a bit of fun today and playing a game--must be the onset of spring.

I received:
  • 2 yards of plain white silk, 45" width
  • 1 packet salmon dye
  • But what is it going to become? That's your challenge, friends--and anyone who hazards a guess is entered in a giveaway to win:

    A tube of my favorite beauty product, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Rose (perfect for ever-so-historical pouts and modern looks, as well).
    A randomly selected, lightly read historical fiction title from my library (requests welcome).


    • I will be using additional materials already in my stash--possiblities include notions, additional fabric, trims, etc.
    • I may or may not have discussed this project before--that is, it could be in a "hopes and dreams" post somewhere, or it might be an utterly new invention.
    • And the big hint: This project marks a major departure for me, but I shan't say if it's in terms of time period, persona portrayed, style choices, or something else. I will say--think outside the box! And--this if you guess the departure's nature, you'll *probably* guess or come close to guessing the project!

    Bonus! If anyone guesses 100% correctly, he or she shall receive the same prize as the randomly drawn winner. The first correct guess wins, so enter early if you think you've got it!

    Ye Rules:

    All you need to do is enter your guess in the comments below. Please enter only once, to be fair :) However, I'd appreciate it if:

    1) You follow the blog if you enter. This isn't for a follower-collection goal--rather, it's just because I've run giveaways before and haven't been able to track winners down! Help me out--follow so when I announce that You've Won! you'll see the post in your feed.

    2) You feel free to spread the word! If I have tons of entries, I *may* just need to add a runner-up prize :)

    The contest runs for one week--comments open now and will be closed Wednesday, March 28.

    Good Luck! Have Fun!


    Brooke Johnson said...

    i'm going to go with a strapless salmon cocktail dress. which would look great with pearls and white heels, in my opinion. fancy. ;)

    fun contest!

    Anachronist said...

    A spring/summer coat? Knee-length? Or maybe even a chic silk jacket?

    I know I won't win but I can have fun!

    MrsC said...

    Erk, only 2 yards eh? That's not much. And salmon isn't a colour you usually go for. I'm voting for a Titanic era gown - the main body of it to go with lacy or tissuey other fabrics. :)

    Caroline said...

    I'm going to guess late 19th century. I think two yards will make a bodice or jacket. I think. :-)

    Taylor said...

    Maybe you're jumping on the Titanic bandwagon? I know I am!

    Anonymous said...

    Gestational stays?!

    Cassidy said...

    Hmm. Hmm.

    Two yards isn't much, so I'm thinking 1920s. A simple pink 1920s dress.

    Connie Keller said...

    Two yards isn't much. And it's silk... Normally, I'd say a blouse. But I'm going to go on a limb and say a silk sleepwear dress--above the knee.