Friday, February 10, 2012

No Shoes, No Internet Service

Well, I have shoes. But in the midst of doing some repairs on my Rather Old House, a crew cut my internet cable. So all the lovely blog updates (and, um, Netflix viewing) I had planned for this weekend shall not, I am afraid, happen.

Which leads me to another question--what do you do when you go technology-free? I'm planning:

*Finishing the Green Linen Stays, and potentially planning/starting another pair
*Baking things to fatten people up before Valentine's Day
*Card-making fun--it's been forever since I made my own Valentine cards!
*Rent a movie or two--how strange to actually go to a loction and select a film, eh?
*Writing Date!

Any other ideas? I'm looking forward to the freedom from distraction, to be honest (oooh, shiny thing....*wanders away*)

Happy Friday!

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