Friday, February 24, 2012

Green Linen Stays--Nearly Finished Photos

The green linen stays have taken me a while. Excuse #1: I had to hold off on quite a bit of work until after a late January fitting. Excuse #2: I was working on other stuff at the same time. Excuse #3: Too many movies I wanted to watch.

Enough excuses. We're nearly done:

And I'm quite pleased! I'm especially pleased about the binding, which I managed to pull of reasonably well, and my bound and topstitched method of joining the sections together.

Still to do: There are a couple spots of binding that I need to do by hand, as they're so little and fussy. Also, eyelets. (Unless we want to sew my friend into these...hmmm....) And these pics don't show the straps attached.

Fussy little bit of binding:

Sophie Biscuit examining my work. She's gone from kitten to half a cat in the time it's taken to finish these!

And, the ugly innard--egad!

I still need to stitch in the lining, clearly.

No sooner am I done with one pair than another friend asks what I'd charge to do a set for her! With each pair getting easier and easier, I suppose it's only fair!


Cassidy said...

I think they look very nice! It's a good color.

Isis said...

Looks very nice!

Rowenna said...

Thanks! I do love this color, Cassidy--it's a remnant from a petticoat I did a few years ago :)

Helen said...

Ooohhh ... pretty. The idea of sewing stays is a bit daunting, but you inspire me to believe I can do it!

Rowenna said...

Helen--you totally can! I've learned it's not as terrifying as it looks :)