Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Sewing Roundup

This year was a good one for me, sewing-wise--each project taught me something new, and really expanded my understanding and abilities. I can't wait to launch into another year of historical sewing and learning and general geeking out, but before I do, the year in review.

First up, the Procrastination Project. The short cloak should have been done in 2010--I had the fabric and everything I needed. But. Somehow it didn't happen until fall 2011. No worries. I learned more about pattern drafting, and used a gridded, scaled pattern by itself for the first time.

Next, a 1770s jacket and petticoat ensemble for my mother, made of the most cheerful block print in the world. Happy, happy, pink, pink. I played a bit with historical construction methods, and am totally sold on what I learned.

The easy one--a quick and simple 1940s cocktail dress. Not sure I really learned anything here--but I did refine my dart-making techniques :)

Perhaps my favorite project of the year, and the one that stretched me the furthest--1780s stays. I started these unsure that I could make corsetry work for me--and I did! This whole project was a learning process, so I can pretty much safely say everything I did on this piece was learning something new! Now in the midst of a second pair, and loving it more the second time around!

Not quite a sewing project, but the new wig rounded out the tweaking and refining of my best 18th century ensemble. The details really do make the outfit, so I've learned--and proper hair is the best accessory. And, wigmaking (er, styling, since I used a pre-made wig) isn't quite as scary as I'd feared!

Lastly, the 1880s-inspired modern Sapphire Gown. I enjoy modern dressmaking even more now that I have a better foundation in historical methods--it gives you tricks and hints when the modern method doesn't quite cut it, and opens a whole world of inspiration! I learned how to create a boned foundation piece--a technique I have a feeling I'll be repeating very often!

And one final project, complete but not up on the blog yet--a second 1940s cocktail dress. Skirt construction and final product posts are forthcoming, but she makes it onto the 2011 list since she came out to play for my 2011 Christmas Cocktail Party!

What's your favorite project of 2011? And--looking forward--what to get started on in 2012?


Anachronist said...

You know, I am duly impressed. Soon enough you will be able to go professional with your sewing!

Rowenna said...

Thank you, Anachronist!