Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling More Balanced: Fixing a Tipping-Prone Dress Form

Felicity, my fabulous find of a dress form, had one eensy problem that I needed to address. She tended to fall over. A lot. Sometimes on me. The issue was caused by the incredibly weenie feet on her stand, and the fact that a couple slats were actually missing. Simple arithmetic: weenie slats - some weenie slats = serious lack of stability.

What to do? Well, I found the answer in a delightfully cluttered antique shop. It's festive. It's fun. It's an aluminum and steel Christmas tree stand, probably for a fake tree, probably from that era that they were still making fake Christmas trees at the toilet brush company. (The fact that the first artificial Christmas trees were produced by, yes, a toilet brush company makes me laugh and also refuse to buy an artificial tree.)

Easy-peasy project--I hot glued felt circles to the bottom of the stand, and then screwed Felicity into place. I actually think the new stand is quite pretty, and doesn't look terribly patched-together, either:

She's still somewhat adjustable--it's a bit trickier now, but I preferred difficulty adjusting the form to the form falling over on me while I draped.

Of course, now that she's new and improved, I'm working on another set of stays and don't need her right away. Perhaps I need to whip up a Christmas cocktail dress in the spirit of the new stand?


Kat Zhang said...

Hahaha! I have a metal contraption just like that for my family's fake Christmas tree ;) I've never had a real one, sadly. But seeing it there conjures up Christmas memories!

I hope Felicity is a lot more stable now! ;)

Angela said...

I just bought a vintage figure form that is not adjustable but it has the same back waist length and shoulder width as myself. I can pad it out in the bust and hip. It is stained so I am thinking of decorating it first with decoupage then creating a padded cover that I can remove if need be....not sure why...just thinking out loud. Cheers.

Rowenna said...

Kat--it's always funny to find the familiar in odd places :) I like real ones so I can vacuum up needles and get sap in my hair lol.

Angela--I may create a cover for Felicity at some point so she looks prettier :)