Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Has it truly been two weeks since I posted? I have excuses. For realsies. First, the last event of the season, at The Happiest Place on Earth. I was too busy to take photos, which was a shame, given the thick frosts turning the grounds silver in the mornings and the busy tumble of colors and activities that filled the Market Fair and battlefield each day. Fortunately, better photographers than I captured some of the choicer moments:

Also, a fun video. I'm a touch miffed that they showed all the cannons but ours. I think it's because we yelled at the camera guy to move back. We didn't want to accidentally blow him up. (Kidding about being miffed.)

And the most fun part? I came down with the world's nastiest cold over the weekend. By fun I mean not fun at all, unless you count an excuse to sip Scotch in an attempt to eradicate a sore throat of epic proportions "fun." Which I almost do.

After pushing myself through the weekend determined to enjoy every last minute consarnit, I was pretty much a miserable blob for about a week. I did nothing. I stared at the television and did more nothing. I'm better now.

But THEN, as though all this fun wasn't enough to keep me from the computer, I got a little surprise. Her name is Sophie Biscuit and she's a seven week old kitten. She's been purring a lot, so I've been kind of distracted.

Back to regularly scheduled programming and pictures of Sophie kitten soon.


Jill said...

Welcome back to blogging land! Not posting just means you have a real life outside of the computer, right? If you can consider doing reenactments real life, since they are like living in a dramatized past. Still, fun, though. :)

MrsC said...

Shocking! I hadn't noticed but I think that is because I've read your comments on other people's blogs so that has helped keep things ticking over! :)

Butterfly said...

So glad you're feeling better now! That fair looks like a lot of fun. Does everyone sew their own costumes? Oh and may I beg for some kitty pictures *pleadpleadplead*?

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Jill--ha, you could think of it that way! Though, to be corny for a moment, reenacting friends are many of my closest, and the laughter and friendship is definitely real :)

Yes, Mrs.C--I managed to blog hop while neglecting my own blog :)

Butterfly--it's a ton of fun! Many of us are seamstresses, though a lot of people purchase or commission their clothing to be made for them--by those of us who do sew :)

I'll work on Sophie Biscuit pictures--she rarely holds still long enough to get the camera out!