Friday, October 7, 2011

Whirlwind of Mending

Has it really been a week since the last time I posted? Looks like...but you see, the weather has been beautiful since last Friday, including a crisp and bright weekend to debut the short cloak and mild afternoons and evenings every day this week for walks and savoring the last days of wine on the porch before the cold winds will drive us inside. So I couldn't tie myself down to a keyboard.

Still, I've been busy. I even have a Friday Five--sewing mini-projects completed this week:

1) Fixed weird boning issue with stays. When I ordered boning for the new stays, you may recall that what arrived what not what I planned for. Which meant I was short two out of three long bones for the horizontal front pieces. Solution? Hardware store, cable ties, quick snip and slip of cut-to-size heavy-duty plastic strips.

2) Fixed weird jacket front issue. My wool jacket was being cranky--slippery boning and fussy eyelets. Cable ties take two. And, resolved. (Sensing a theme here on cable ties?)

3) Fixed a hem. On normal, 21st century dress pants. No cable ties involved. Pretty boring.

4) Fixed the weird wrinkling issue with gown. Stripped the red silk gown of hooks, eyes, boning, and refitted it slightly to the new stays. Should be able to be pinned now, rather than hooks and eyes (which I never liked anyway).

5) Worked on Snow Beast #2. It would have been completed save the fact that ruffle attempt #1 looked ridiculous. As in, cartoon baby bonnet ridiculous. Or Alice in Wonderland oyster babies. Whatever. Ridiculous.

Now that I'm done fixing things--I'm looking forward to new projects! I have a pair of stays to make for a friend (hopefully eliminating the weird issues a la #1 of this list) and the Sapphire Gown to finish for the Navy weekend! Better get crackin'!

What does the weekend hold in store for you? I plan to drink a pint of sunlight and roll around in some multicolored leaves, myself.

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Carrie C said...

I love the reference to Alice in Wonderland oyster babies!! Sounds like you've been super productive. I'm hoping to make some headway on editing projects, and otherwise we're busy with pre-baby stuff. But in a way, editing is pre-baby rush too. As in, "oh my gosh I have so much writing work I need to do before my life gets taken over!" :) Enjoy the beautiful weather!!