Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sapphire Gown: First Look

I finished the Sapphire Gown last night after steady progress all weekend. I still need to do a final press (especially on the still-rumpled hem) and add in a hook and eye to the top of the back closure. But since I could put it on for a final fitting, I count it as done.

Can I simply share that having a dress form makes this whole process so much easier? Last year I did a freehand drape on the front of a gown bodice, and doing so on oneself is not only pesky but painful when one has a tendency to drive pins into ones flesh. And my favorite part of modern gown making is the final tweaking by hand.

So--a few sneak peek pictures before the gown makes its debut this Friday:

Detail of the skirt back--mini bustle:

Detail of pleated chiffon on the side:

The final touch--a vintage brooch I bought last weekend at the antique mall:

I'm thrilled with how this came out! I was concerned that the look would end up too historical and costumey, or lacking the original inspiration. I think it managed to walk the line--but I'll leave the final say up to you once I post final pics next week!


Connie Keller said...


I'm finishing up a wool skirt that's been very pesky--serious pattern issues.

dolleygurl said...

I really love that brooch!

Rowenna said...

Thanks Connie! Ugh, pattern problems--how annoying! Hope it works out!

Dolley--thanks! It was a lucky find at the antique mall, for sure--and on sale!