Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Block Print Jacket Ensemble--First Wearing

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Mother for an event that's smack-dab in between our towns--and dressed her in her new ensemble. I ultimately decided to trim the sleeves and jacket front, but leave the hem alone to avoid this getting too busy. I couldn't find my sheer apron, but hope to for the next event we're both at so I can experiment some more with accessories.

I think I like the ensemble from the back best:

Everything swishes perfectly when she walks! and I love the fit and flare of this particular jacket style.

And the front. Some slight lacing issues--I need to add another couple of loops for lacing. And poor Mother--she really needs stays that fit her better. These are too short and it caused some issues with the neckline of the jacket.

We had fun taking these pictures--not included here are the half a dozen with my uncle popping into the shot, lurking behind Mother, peering out from behind Mother, and picking his nose behind Mother. For funsies.

Block prints are more fun in pairs:

I'd like to make her a gown in future--she only has jackets and petticoats, and has a great figure for a round gown!


Angela said...

You two look great! I love block prints and there are so many wonderful retro-18th century ones out there. Great job! Cheers.

Connie Keller said...

What a lovely photo of you and your mom. And you did a great job on her outfit.

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Angela and Connie! I love block prints, too, Angela--harder to see, but I love the hand of this fabric, too!