Friday, September 16, 2011

I Like Big False Rumps and I Cannot Lie--The Further Adventures of the Polonaise

The only difference between an eighteenth century lady and a twenty-first century lady? When the eighteenth-century lady asks, "Does my butt look big in this?" you say, "YES."
Before you ask--I asked a friend to snap a pic of my gown right before changing at an event last weekend. Some folks, however, had already changed--which explains the overalls in the background. No, denim bib overalls were not part of the Congressional military issued uniform during the American Revolution. But it would be cool if they were. Anyway.

I randomly decided about four days before our reenactment this weekend that I wanted to rework my (already once-reworked) gown. This involved creating a matching petticoat from the leftover fabric, and though I love wearing a contrasting petticoat, the effect of the matching one was exactly what I was going for. I also added pinked-and-pleated trim on the neckline and trim on the sleeves gathered into little "balloons" (I know someone knows what I mean by this--is there a better term?). In more mundane additions, I tweaked the neckline so it would fit better. Finally, I redid the polonaise-bum-floof with new tapes to tie it up.

That said, the new stays fit a bit differently (but are incredibly comfortable compared to my older pair--even though they lace tighter!) so I have some new wrinkling issues on the bodice of the gown. Que sera, sera--you fix one thing and another crops up. I may resolve this by taking everything out of and off of the front of the bodice--hooks and eyes, boning, all of it--and just refitting it on the new stays instead of tweaking it piecemeal. And though my butt looks pretty big, I think I could go bigger without bordering the ridiculous. New false rump is in my future.

Finally--I had to share a photo a fellow living history person took at the event, because
a) it's really well-done! and b) it shows the Hat of Win to its best advantage. And c) you can see that wrinkling I'm talking about. Blerg.

Have a great weekend, all! I plan on one filled with getting out of The Slump and completing a long-overdue sewing project--to be debuted next weekend!


Jillian said...

I love these photos of you!! Every time I read your blog, I feel I traveled in time. :-)

Anachronist said...

Have a great weekend yourself and yes, your rump looks great!

Caroline said...

You make me want to be an 18th century re-enactor. I so wouldn't need a false rump! :-)

The Dreamstress said...

That is gorgeous! And if you look at some early American colonial paintings some of the dresses are wrinkled and ill fitting. People lost and gained weight and changed stays in the past too I guess. Or some of them sucked at sewing ;-)

Rowenna said...


Anachronist--lol it was a nice weekend :)

Caroline--you should give it a try :)

Dreamstress--LOL thanks--I was just annoyed that I had only just gotten it perfectly fitted...alas...