Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five: Five Things I Should Really Update You On

1) I finished the short cloak I started dreaming about way back in the spring! By finished I mean I still need to line the hood and trim it (which involves finding the perfect fur--either good-quality faux or a piece of vintage too destroyed for anything but re-purposing), but it's wearable--and just in time for a very chilly albeit beautiful weekend for reenacting! I'll post photos and a project recap soon--suffice to say, I started on Monday and finished last night, including quite a bit of hand sewing. In short (Ha! Short Cloak! Get it?), an easy project.

2) I'm querying a project. I like to keep mum at this stage because a) no one wants to live the ludicrous ups and downs with me and b) my professional persona is a quiet mouse. But things are going, fulls are out, I'm cautiously optimistic. And convinced I'll fail, all at once. See? No one wants to read about that with me.

3) I'm halfway through writing Book #2 in the post-apocalyptic project. I'm hitting some snags, mostly in terms of finding time to write. Fall is an insanely busy time for me reenacting wise, but I'm percolating ideas and know where I'm going--into Book #3, even. I'm panicking mildly about investing this much energy in a series, which I know isn't necessarily the wisest career move, so I'm also researching for some other projects.

4) It's fall here. Real, crisp, beautiful fall. It happened all at once. I have yet to get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Methinks this afternoon.

5) I don't do this much, but I want to pull your attention for a second to an issue we're hoping to get some organic, word-of-mouth support behind. To make a very long story short, my good friend Sandy is currently engaged in a difficult custody battle. Her grandchildren were abducted by their father and taken into Saudi Arabia, where custody laws are very different and avenues for pursuing legal action to return these children to their mother are narrower. Take a moment to read her blog, and spread the word, say a prayer, or send some positive thoughts if you're so inclined.


Kat Zhang said...

It's been faaar too long since I've been here. Silly school life stealing my soul. I'm so excited that you're querying a project :) Good luck!! Also, you made a CLOAK! Have a missed a picture somewhere? I love cloaks, lol. I'd wear one reenacting or no :P

I wish your friend the best :(

Connie Keller said...

I'll be praying for your fulls and you friend and her children. (I know a woman who had a similar problem.)