Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Block-Print Ensemble, Finished! (Sort of)

It took some dedicated effort to get this done this weekend as planned. It also took The Phantom Planet and Gamera (giant fire-breathing turtle, much?) queued up on Netflix. But I finished the block-print jacket and petticoat combo for Mother. I was determined to be done for an event next weekend--a somewhat farb-fest* of an event that we go to primarily because it's close and they have apple dumplings and meat pies.

Why did this take so long? I honestly don't know. It shouldn't have. The jacket was mostly done months ago. Then...I got distracted by other things. And things. And these things, too.

In addition to that, however, "the" petticoat is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually two (double the fun?). Because this beautiful printed cotton voile is rather thin, I made a plain white cotton voile petti to go underneath so that the print shows unmuddied. And let me tell you--Dharma Trading Company's cotton voile is my new favorite thing. I'll be ordering mass quantities and dying them in the near future. I could flail about happily in a giant pile of their soft, delicious, just-stiff-enough-not-too-stiff heavenly voile.

Ahem. Flailing aside. The outfit. It's going to look much better on a real person--the skirts fall pretty limp on poor Felicity, who doesn't have quite the figure to pull this off. I'm going to try to find my sheer white apron to match with this to break up the print a little, and have extra pink ribbon to doll up Mother's cap and tie on a necklace.

About that pink ribbon. For one, it looks much less Pepto and much more summer-berry-happiness in person. Still, I don't want to overdo it--in my original plan, the jacket would be trimmed about the hem with the ribbon and the sleeves would have box-pleated trim to match the front. Still on the fence--I might see how it wears a bit less adorned, and then steal it back to add more floof.

To come--pictures on a real human being. And apple dumplings. Wait, those are just for me.

*Farb/farby--a reenactorism meaning not authentic, incorrect, pseudo-historical. Said to come from the expression "Far be it from me to correct you, but..."

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