Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Historical Costume Inspiration Festival Returns!

Last year, Atlanta at Story of a Seamstress hosted a festival celebrating historic costume. From dedicated reproductions to fantasy costumes to modern ensembles inspired by history, the week-long posting frenzy was a delight to participate in! I submitted my eighteenth-century walking gown for the festival; this year I hope to share another reproduction piece--or ensemble--as well as the Sapphire Gown.

Sorry to say, however, you'll have to wait until January to partake in the fun of basking in others' creations. So why am I sharing so early? Simple. Often when I post sewing projects, my creative readers comment that they'd love to try something like this "someday."

The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival is a perfect "someday" to aim for! The submissions run the gamut of authenticity and style, and no one should shy away from participating because it's their first historical creation! Consider joining in!

Get the skinny--and enjoy last year's festival--on Atlanta's blog!


anachronist said...

I am sure your Sapphire Gown will be a hit, like that walking gown was. I went and I admired the pictures of the latter - trully impressive! No, I won't take the part in the festival, malheuresement j'habite en Europe.

Jill said...

That looks like fun, to at least admire the costumes. I haven't been blogging friendly lately, so I missed your last post, which is absolutely wonderful. I love the idea of the ballad seller who has to sing to make a living. How romantic!!

Connie Keller said...

I can't wait to see your new project. I'm working on wool skirts. A friend of mine who is in her four bout of cancer gave me the fabrics (they belonged to her) and I want her to see the results.

Rowenna said...

Thanks all--I'm looking forward to finishing projects and posting them! Connie--you should consider entering the Festival with some of your Elizabethan work!