Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation and Scenic Inspiration

Apologies for the radio silence the past week--I was on vacation. Though there was an abundance of wildlife and hiking trails, gorgeous mountain scenery, and (score!) a nice clean pool, there was a distinct shortage of internet and, even, cell service.

Which was fine by me.

I spent the whole week reading, hiking, swimming, and learning about western Appalachian stuff including whiskey. (Given whiskey's historical nature, I may have to devote a post to "Interesting Things I Discovered about Whiskey" in the near future.)

Still, I packed my laptop, just in case. Mr. Hyaline asked if I planned to write on the trip--I didn't, really. "Oh," he said. "Just if you get inspired by the scenery?"

I laughed at him. I'm not, I replied, one of "those kinds" of writers who gets inspired by every little thing. Pshaw, as if landscape could spur my creativity.

I'm tough enough to admit I was wrong.

And I now have a setting for the third book in the little series I'm a' writin', plus a very, very rough outline. Plus a lot of motivation and excitement.

I couldn't spend five minutes gazing out over the bluff edge from our dinky lodge room balcony without seeing one of my main characters madly in love with this place.

I imagined narrow escapes on fast-moving rivers, and sweat-plastered treks up the sides of steep ridges.

Forests heavy-laden with mosquitos and enemy troops alike. (Our hikes revealed only mosquitos, no enemy pickets.)

And always, always, low, lush, green mountains envelopped in shrouds of mist and cloud.

Well, I learned my lesson. Don't knock it lest ye find yourself falling wholeheartedly into it. So, yes, I was inspired by scenery. I can't wait to visit these places again--even if I only do so by sketching them into words on a page.

How about you? Does travel, or scenery, or landscape inspire your creativity? If you could escape wherever you like to engage in whatever creative activity you wanted, where would you go and what would you create?


anachronist said...

The landscape, as that showed on some of your pics, makes me speechless. I guess I am not a good writer. I am very glad, though, you had such a nice trip - great scenery!

MrsC said...

So beautiful. No wonder you were inspired!

Carrie C said...
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Carrie C said...

[Oops, screwed up my html tagging in the first version, sorry!]

Wonderful pictures, really amazing! And yes, I'm definitely moved by scenery to write. If you like stories anchored in place (and want to publish some of your own), check out the Silk Road Review published by the Pacific University in Oregon. "Place" is their thing and it makes for some beautiful stories. (Full disclosure: I have a story in their current edition, but I promise I'd be recommending the journal regardless!)

Jill said...

Right now, I 'd really like to go to the Oregon coast. I used to live there, and I wrote my first complete book there. My most recent books are set there, so it is a magical place of the imagination for me.