Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thinking about Schedules

This summer is making me think about schedules. Schedules for writing, deadlines for sewing, to-do lists at work to check off. See, there's something about summer that, even as a grown-up person without a summer vacation, invokes a sort of free-wheeling, schedule shredding attitude. But I've found I work better with something to guide my time--a plan of when I'll do what, or a list of tasks, or a goal that I absolutely, positively can't fail to meet.

Which brings me to a more particular musing.

I tend to blog on a regularly irregular basis. That is to say, no real schedule, but I blog two-three times a week. And no set topics: I blog about whatever I'm thinking about, any particular day. Blogging habits are interesting--some bloggers blog every day, unfailingly, or blog according to other prescribed schedules (MWF, for instance). Some bloggers have daily themes or topics they stick to.

I can see the benefit of a schedule, making you accountable to yourself and your readers. I can also see the downside--I blog because I enjoy it, and don't want to turn it into a chore. Would a regular schedule tie me down? Would selecting specific topics for specific days--ie, Writing on Mondays, Sewing on Thursdays--kill the blog's spirit? (Do blogs have spirits that can be broken?) What do you, as readers, think?

Do you prefer reading blogs with regular schedules?

And another thought--what about regular topics? As a reader, I enjoy knowing I can find a particular feature from a favorite blogger on a weekly basis. At the same time, can these topics start to feel too rigid or flat? Are there some topics that just don't have enough flavor to sustain a weekly meal? If I were to pick up a more regular topical schedule, what topics would you want to see featured regularly?

If I were to blog on a regular schedule, what topics would you prefer to see me cover?

Well, that said--I'm heading off for a long weekend with family, then will be back for only a little while before taking a week's vacation with the Mister. This poll is open for a week--let me know what you think and throw any other ideas into the comments!


Brooke Johnson said...

I chose a blog schedule just to keep myself accountable. I don't blog about particular things on particular days because I want to have that freedom to blog about whatever I happen to be thinking about or doing at that precise moment. I do tend to post book reviews on Fridays, but that's the only thing remotely set in stone. I blog about other things on Friday's too. Just depends on my mood and if I've read a book worth reviewing that week.

I have noticed that the more often you blog and if you blog regularly, you tend to get more followers. Back when I started, I blogged EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Monday thru Friday. It was exhausting, but my numbers jumped to like 50ish in just four or five months. Once I decided to go to three days a week (MWF), I have noticed that my blog follows don't increase as quickly, but they ARE still increasing. So that's the important thing I guess.

I love reading about other writers' progress in their own work. But when I come to this blog, I especially look forward to your historical fashion posts and reenactment events.

The most important thing is to love what you do. If sticking to a schedule doesn't suit you, then don't worry about it. I enjoy blogging three days a week, but some people don't. It's up to you in the end.

Isis said...

It actually took me some time to notice that some blogs have posts every day... So fo rme it's not important when I choose to follow a blog- it's the actual content of theposts. But I have a feeling I'm a minority. :)

I know it sounds pretty odd, but I only write and read blogs when I'm at work. Perhaps I should explain that a large part of my working day is simply to monit a couple of computer screens. As long as everything is as it should be, I'm free to amuse myself as long as I stay by my screens. Hence the time for blogging. (If hell gets loose, I work like a mad monkey, my job is either ON with no brakes, or pretty much off) And as I spend so much time in front of a computr when I work, I tend to avoid them at home. Which means that on my days off I neither blog nor read other blogs. I could never stick to a schedule myself. :)

Marg said...

I personally do find that a schedule is helpful, but the important thing is to make that schedule something that works for you. I am pretty much guaranteed to post four times a week. I aim to post on the other three days as well, but those are more likely to be reviews or whatever I feel like posts. Some weeks those extra posts happen, and other times they just don't.

Marg said...

Whoops. Meant to also say that I had just recently listened to a video where the person speaking compared blogging to muscles - as in order to develop you need to use your blogging muscle!