Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoe Bling, Historical Style

Think modern fashonistas invented shoe bling?

Think again--eighteenth century ladies added high style to their shoes with bedazzled buckles:

All three buckle images are from the Met Museum's online collection database. All three are also "paste" which is essentially eighteenth-century speak for costume jewelry. They're cut glass set into metal backings; paste jewelry could also include colored paper to change the color of the "jewels." Buckles were removable, as well--so while these gems may not be real, they could be transferred from shoe to shoe or salvaged when the shoes were trashed.

I'm excited--my silk shoes from American Duchess are due to arrive this summer, and I ordered a pair of my very own paste buckles to add some extra flair.


anachronist said...

Oh shoes with a bling! Now I am simply salivating on my keyboard! I LOVE shoes insanely and these are very nice. Removable buckles are indeed a very good idea.

Miss Rosemary said...

Great, Rowenna, now I want the modern shoe and the historical ones with the paste buckles too. Girl, do you really think I can afford all these frivolities? Who am I kidding, shoes are not frivolities.

Connie said...

There's nothing new under the sun. Especially not shoe love. I'm it's victim too. Good thing that my budget keeps me sane.

MrsC said...

I sometimes wonder if cavewomen decorated their foot wraps with pebbles and flowers... :)

Rowenna said...

Anachronist and Rosemary--I know! I googled "shoes with jewels" to get the modern pic and had to tear myself away from the monitor! All my "dressy" modern shoes are bedazzled :)

Connie and MrsC--I think you're right--shoe love is as old as there have been feet :)

The Dreamstress said...

Oooh...those last buckles are so cute!

I didn't order a pair of buckles with my Duchess shoes because I felt they were too blingy, but I can't wait for the shoes to arrive so that I can find a pair of vintage buckles to wear with them.