Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Page Contest--Come Play!

Shelley Watters is sponsoring a very cool first page contest at her blog. Now, I know what you're thinking--that the cool part is the prize: a critique from an agent. Nope, that's not the cool part (ok, though it is kinda cool). The cool part is what's going on right now--you post your first page on your blog (mine's in its own page--eeeep! scary that it's out there for the world!) and then hop around to other participants to critique and share. Fun!

Writers, come play! There's still time to join the fun.

First pages are such fun--it's like a literary speed date, getting to see the first glimmers of character and plot, and a big dose of the author's voice. I'm loving the variety I'm getting to read and comment on as part of this contest!

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