Monday, May 2, 2011

Block Print Jacket--It's all over but the Bling-ing

I finished the construction on Mother's jacket--just some final edge turning and a sleeve hem or two. Then the fun part starts--adding all the fluff and trim! Eighteenth-century ladies liked their bling:

Check those ruffles! And the petticoat trim! And the giant bleepin' hats! Even the maid sports some bows.

So, I decided on a simple pleated ribbon trim for the front of the jacket:

And how it will look with the stomacher put in:

Still undecided about how much to trick out the stomacher. I might leave it fairly simple to let the ribbon lacing really pop. Plus, stomachers are the fun wild card of eighteenth-century clothing. Easy to change up, add more bling to, remove bling from, make a new one entirely. Whatever I do now, I can easily change in a few years. Or months. You know, whenever I get bored.

The floofy pleated ribbon trim is easy to make. Just take a length of ribbon (I used silk ribbon, the kind that's used by ribbon embroiderers, so is easiest to procure inexpensively). Then, box-pleat the ribbon and pin it, like so:

I just work right from the spool, and cut the ribbon when the length is complete. This is easiest to do, as I did, with a glass of home brewed cider and a chorus of other women giggling along with you while they work. Just a tip.

Finally, take a running stitch up the center of the ribbon, yielding this:

I'm now working on a self-fabric ruffle for the bottom of the petticoat. Just a bit more work on the trims, finish the stomacher and the petticoat, and add in the lacing for the jacket front, and it will be done!

Except for the matching hat I now want to make for this. I mean, come on--a pink-satin-covered hat? How could I resist?


Connie said...

I love what you did with the ribbon. I'm going to have to try that on a blouse.

Kat Zhang said...

One of these days, Rowenna... One of these days, I'm going to petition you for some clothes ;)

The jacket looks lovely!

MrsC said...

I love this!! In London I found a shop selling block print fabric, it was 14GBP a metre, would you believe. Lawks!! This one is so beautiful.
If I were making a stomacher for this I would quilt around or along the pattern in metallic thread, or even the same colours. But whatever you do it will be glorious!

Rowenna said...

Connie--that's a great idea!

Kat--I think we should cohost a writing/sewing retreat in which we make pretty things :P

MrsC--ooh, quilting or decorative stitching, nice idea!