Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring: Just Plain Pleasant since 1794

Our part of the world has had the most idyllic of spring weekends--a blowsy thunderstorm bowled through on Saturday morning, leaving bright azure skies and glistening new green leaves in its wake. Spring hasn't looked this gorgeous since...
...well, I'm sure it's been lovely a few times between 1794, the date of this print from the Lewis Walpole Library, and now. Let's geek about the lovely clothes for a moment, shall we? Raised-waist, open-front gowns? Check. Sweet little slippers on the lady's feet, replacing years of hefty leather shoes with dear, feminine little flats? Check. Giant, almost-goofy bow on hat? Hat that's moved from flat straw toward the bonnet shape we love from the Regency era? Check. Using your apron as a tote bag to haul flowers home? Done it, and check (aprons are such versatile, useful garments!) Fab indigo blue coat and dear dotted vest on gent? Check.

Gent creepily swiping bird's nest from tree to woo young maiden? Check, and just wrong, buddy. The mother isn't going to take them back now, you know. Hope you like shoving worms down baby bird's throats, because if you kill adorable little chicklets, young maiden is going to drop you like a hot potato. Just saying.

Happy spring, everybody!


Kat Zhang said...

LOL, Rowenna ;D

Happy Spring!!

The Dreamstress said... are having spring and we are heading into winter! Not fair! I hate winter!

Cute picture though, and now I am really regretting not buying the three prints in that series I saw at an opshop yesterday. They were just a bit pricey at $10 a piece though, and I haven't got anywhere to hang them!

A.M. Kuska said...

I didn't notice the birds till you pointed it out, and now I'm a little disturbed. >.<

Demitria said...


Maybe they were hungry and wanted some yummy bird eggs :)