Friday, April 1, 2011

Shoes! Huzzah!

Four months ago my mother sent me a check for my birthday. The purpose? She wanted to buy me new eighteenth century shoes as a gift, but wanted me to pick them out.

I sat on that money until today.

And now I'm getting me some silk shoes from American Duchess.

So should you.

Check out the Duchess' website for more info on the shoes and preordering. Having bought my share of historical repro shoes, these are very fairly priced!

My only debate right now? What color I'll dye the shoes. I'm torn between a fawn/gold color, a pale peach, and an oxblood red. Fawn or red would exactly match my current best gown, and I have a thing for red shoes--I rarely buy modern shoes that aren't that classic oxblood shade. Still, peachy pink or fawn would coordinate with just about anything...and who knows what eighteenth century delights I'll make down the road that will need shoes to coordinate?

A quick historically geeky note on why I'm buying these even though I have serviceable eighteenth-century shoes. The shoes I have are...well...serviceable. They're leather, and quite nice for working in camp and even for being a lady taking a constitutional, but for formal occasions, a lady would often wear silk shoes that matched her gown. I can't wait for my next nice evening event to wear these! I'll be a real lady now--with shoes not just for camp wear!


Noelle Pierce said...

Gorgeous. That's all I really have to say.

anachronist said...

Silk shoes? They are incredible! I would go for fawn/pale gold.

artofspirit said...

They look so lovely! I think gold would be very pretty and serviceable, since it's more of a neutral to go with a variety of colours, but is at the same time, interesting. But if you're really leaning towards the red, it's definitely adventurous and something to go for - since it's harder to find such a specific colour in store anyways. Good luck! :)