Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick! A Sewing Update

I saw my mother over Easter--so of course did a quick fitting on her block-printed gown and petticoat. The jacket fits *perfectly* and I can't wait to see how the whole ensemble goes together! I'm especially pleased with how the skirt of the jacket flares just-so--the way I finished the hems gave it a bit more substance on the edge, so the flare doesn't go limp. Yay! for experiments that worked!

Also--I decided on the light blue fabric for the Regency dress. I think the shade is saturated enough, and a warm enough incarnation of blue, that I can pull it off. Plus, I love it. So summery and light.

As soon as it gets here, fun times in the cutting room! Also--I need a fun name for this dress. "Regency dress" sounds boring. If you have any thoughts...leave 'em in the comments. I'm fresh out of creative wordplay today. The event at which it's making its debut is a Jane Austen festival in July...with a Sense and Sensibility theme. See if that gets you anywhere :)

And--short cloak, I have not forgotten you. You will be cut soon. Hopefully in time to accompany me to our next, probably rather rainy, event.


MrsC said...

Glorious colour, it will be delicious. A Scents and Summerbility dress!

Anonymous said...

To get you in the mood Rowenna, you might like to read the Austenesque novel that's been written over the last 3 months between 50 JA lovers on Twitter. (#A4T) or go to
It's been the hardest thing... contributing one's part of the story on the run in brackets of 140 characters. But I can see you in our Ball at Pemberley dressed in the most perfectly appropriate gown.

Rowenna said...

MrsC--I love it!

Mesmered--thanks for the tip! Will have to check it out!

Hema P. said...

What fun, Rowenna! You almost make me want to take up sewing -- almost :). I love the soft blue fabric you picked for the dress.

Jill said...

How about some reference to an azure sea? I love that color.I want to be draped in it. :)