Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Award and Things That Are or May Not Be Lies

Thanks to fellow historical fiction junkie and blogger-extraordinaire Haley for bestowing this blog award upon lowly old me! Haley has a fab blog where she chronicles her writing adventures, and I admire her fortitude in posting so frequently!

So, for the fun part of this award...I get to tell four lies and one truth about myself, and make you all guess which is true. Here's the problem. I'm real bad at lying, ya'll. So, I took a slightly different tack--five true things about me, all from a different time periods I've landed in. So some, also, are sort of like lies. We're going paradoxical here.

18th Century: I'm an officer's wife and a physician's daughter, so I get to be a lady if I want to. Except...there's always too much work to do, so you can usually find me in a plain linen work gown, swathed in an apron, hauling, chopping, or cooking something. My husband claims that blue gown is his favorite. Somehow I think it has more to do with the food I make while wearing it than it does with its sartorial features.

1900s: I used to work at a historic house museum, built in 1908. My favorite part was turning on the lights every day--because I was usually all by myself and got to feel right at home--and digging through the closets catalogueing items. Like shoes. And gloves. And ephemera left in handbags that people forgot about. To answer the most common visitor question: No, I don't think it was haunted. To answer the least common visitor question: No, I have no idea what the provenance on the rugs is (from a Turkish carpet specialist who came, I swear, only to look at the rugs).

1930s: The Peacock 1930s gown made its debut at a historic resort that was, incidentally, a popular hangout in the 1930s for movie stars, politicians and gangsters. But get this--my mom and her family used to vacation there when they were kids in the 50s and 60s! Felt like coming full circle.

1940s: My first date with my husband was a 1940s/WWII swing dance. I was two hours late because I got lost in Chicago. A firefighter's wife called her husband to get directions for me--because he was a firefighter, he knew the streets really well! We still do a lot of historic swing dance.

Time Warp: Reenacting has its risks--once we had an event where the rain had been so bad that the nearby river began to flood. We had to evacuate certain areas of the camp--including the artillery. They even called in the National Guard. To get the cannons out, we hitched them up to a Humvee. Now that was a fun anachronism! Less fun--hand-carrying all our gear out in the rain.

OK! So there you go. Sorry about the lack of lying. I'm apparently bad at following rules :S Also bad at following rules--I feel completely unable to play favorites today. So--if you are a faithful reader, you are a winner. Please feel free to post proudly. And to follow the real rules instead of copping out like brain-dead me.


Haley said...

Congratulations and thanks for linking to my blog. I see that you didn't follow the rules but I think you made 5 truths even more fun. It was great to learn more about you. Wow. #5 with the National Guard is quite a story!

A.M. Kuska said...

I think the 5 truths were fun. ^^ Congrats on the award!