Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nook Cozy

I took on a simple project this weekend: a cover for my Nook. I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was the happy recipient of a Nook as a birthday gift. I'm still enjoying reading on it--as a self-avowed "real book" lover, I was surprised that I'd enjoy using an e-reader as much as I do.

One little problem--I didn't have any good storage/travel solution for it. I still have the box, but one doesn't want to pack up the thing in a box every time one is finished, and for travel the box takes up a ton of space. Plus it isn't pretty. It's a box. They sell cases and covers for Nooks, but the $40 price tag on the ones I like seemed a touch steep.

So I made a Nook cozy.

It was very easy and inexpensive. All you need is:

A piece and a half of crafting felt
One skein embroidery floss and needle
Two buttons

I folded the piece of felt in half and cut it to form the main pocket, and then used the second piece to cut the flap and the pocket for the front. The whole thing it just blanket-stitched (link to how-to video) with the blanket-stitching used for the side seams and seams attaching the flap and pocket, and for a decorative binding on the closure flaps.

The pocket on the bottom is for the upload/charging cord and plug--I made the corner of the pocket open at the top to slip the plug in.

Back of cozy, showing the flap that closes the pocket

I suggest stitching the top seam of the pocket to the backside and the bottom seam of the flap to the frontside before sewing up the sides to form the pocket--I didn't, and it was kind of finicky to stitch through one layer only.

Is it a little odd to make something akin to grandma's tea cozy for one's sleek, modern e-reader? Yes, probably.

But that's me in a nutshell. Or in a felt cozy.


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Love it!

anachronist said...

I love this one as well! Your site has a very nice design so hello from a new follower!

Connie said...

I sewed a similar pocket for my Kindle. And even though I still love "real" books, e-readers definitely have their place.

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Caroline!

Welcome, Anachronist :)

Connie--very crafty :)

Ax said...

So cute!

K.B. Owen said...

How cool is that! Love your "cozy." The cost of the Nook covers is crazy expensive (my husband got me the easel-stand cover for Christmas so I don't have to feel guilty, LOL).


Rowenna said...

Thanks, Ax!

KB--Thanks for dropping by--you're right, the covers would make great gift ideas :)

mesmered said...

Time to sell on etsy I think.