Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charleston with DIY Video

Two weeks into Charleston lessons, and I've hit the zenith of my ambitions--learning face-to-face Charleston. It's been a blast. The fun thing about Charleston is that it can be danced by yourself, with a partner, or with a big group of people. So there's never an excuse not to dance! Also fun--in partner Charleston, unlike other partner dances, you get a bit of autonomy to "play" on your own--your partner might do a kick while you do a tap, or might do a wobbly-legged jazzy move while you dance the steps straight. And that's ok, and part of the fun.

Want to pick up the Charleston yourself? Enjoy this vintage video--be warned, the basic step-by-step is the most white-bread version of Charleston you can find. But it gives you a good start--and the solo dancers at the beginning and partners on the top of taxi cabs (!) give you a good idea of how to play with the dance.

Want to mix it up a little? I love this video--vintage Charleston with Daft Punk dubbed in. Craziest part is, it works!


Connie said...

I learned to do the Charleston in high school. It's such fun. I've taught all my kids.

Rowenna said...

It's so fun! And less formal than other swing-era dance I've learned :)