Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Jacket for Mother

I've a new sewing project to occupy my snowy winter days--a new eighteenth century jacket for my mother. I promised it as a birthday gift, to replace a jacket and petticoat combo I made her years ago that a) does not fit properly any longer and b) has a slightly iffy print. It's passable, but imperfect.

The plan: Use a variation on JP Ryan's jacket pattern, which I've used in the past. Goes together like a dream. I'll have to adjust the size for my mom, but should be a simple enough task to rework:

I think I'll be using View B--Mom is kinda short, and I think that the later two styles (C and D) would look stumpy on her from the front. View B is a slightly earlier style, but for a lady of a certain age, is certainly not out of the question. And I like that the stomacher provides some leeway in sizing.

Mom will be picking her own fabric, but I may steer her toward a print from Reproduction Fabrics. I've been dying to try them out--some of their fabrics are ideal for 1770-1780. I have my eye on these two for something, if not this project:

I'll be cutting the linen for the lining/fitting this week--then we'll fit it to Mother and order her fabric.


Kat Zhang said...

How lovely! B and A-B are my favorite :D

Nicole MacDonald said...

Can't wait to see some WIP pictures :) going to be beautiful!

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Jill said...

I like A,coc and I like the fabric. You are such a lovely daughter to do that for your mom.

Hema P. said...

You make it all sound so easy, Rowenna -- sewing, I know for a fact, is not easy. Your mom sure is lucky!

Rowenna said...

Kat--I've already made B and I love the full back :)

Nicole--there will definitely be pics!

Jill--Aw, thanks :) C is pretty, too--I like the front lacing on that one.

Hema--thanks--it has its tough points, for sure!

Brownpaperbaggirl said...

Absolutely beautiful it will be! I'd adore to have a jacket like such.

Rowenna said...

BPG--Thanks! If you're sewing-inclined, I heartily recommend this pattern--super-easy and goes together quick :) I bet it could even be reworked to not be worn over a corset for a modern outfit!