Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mother's New Jacket: The Fabric

I took my mother fabric-shopping online over the weekend to pick the fabric for her new jacket.

My original thought was to use a fabric like this:

Which would end up looking somewhat like this:

I had forgotten, however, how much my mother likes the color blue. So as we perused fabrics, and settled on picking something from reproductionfabrics.com, I kept showing her lovely reddish-pink prints, and while she liked them, she wasn't enthused.

Until we found a blue-on-white print. Then she lit up.

I wasn't completely convinced on this one--while I've found very similiar prints in my extant fabric hunts, I haven't found anything precisely like this one. Mainly, it had butterflies. Ok, I know--it's being extremely anal. And mother eventually convinced me, for a couple reasons. One--she is not nearly as anal as I am, and this is her outfit, after all. Two--form over precision. Just because I haven't found a print with butterflies does not mean that we can't use one, given that the form follows what is known from the period--viny florals. A print with dump trucks or Transformers would be different, but this is totally plausible.

So, the fabric we chose:

Will end up with a look somewhat like this:

Terrible picture, but you can click through to see a way-cool close-up on KCI's website. This is, of course, a gown, not a jacket, but you can get the idea of a jacket and matching petticat from this piece. I plan to spiffy up the petticoat with a gathered ruffle similar to those seen here, and plan to use navy tape on the edges and the stomacher to break up the print a little.


GentlewomanThief said...

Ooh, both are very pretty fabrics! I can see that the blue will give a great effect, even if some might not 'approve' of the butterflies close-up! Maybe you should treat yourself to something made out of the reddish one...? ;)

Jill said...

Yes, blue is soothing and beautiful and loved the world over. I think human brains are attracted to it for its peacefulness. :)

Isis said...

I think it will be very pretty!

Rowenna said...

GWT--Thanks! I may order some of the fabric I put an example of up for a gown...or a caraco like the one pictured...hmmm...

Jill--You're so right! Blue is just..pleasant.

Isis--Thanks! I look forward to posting updates!

The Dreamstress said...

The blue is lovely, but I'm with you on preferring the pink-reds. Regardless, I'm sure the finished project will be beautiful!

Rowenna said...