Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Ahead...

Thanks ever so much for your feedback on the poll thus far! I've decided to reactivate it for kicks, just to let anyone who wanted a say get their opinion on. It's funny, though, that the two things I intend to focus on in the coming year--massive amounts of sewing and a heavy dose of writing--are things you kind folks want to read about! Sympatico, readers--that's what we are!

So, as the new year approaches, a hopeful list of what I want to do:


1) I neeeeeed new stays. Real bad. For one, though my old ones still fit they are getting awfully wrecked up. For two, I would really like a pair of tabbed stays with straps. For three--and this one's the challenge--I want to make them gestational and nursing adapted. No--I am not expecting! But I want these to last for a good ten years, and I do figure that a stork will pop by at some point in the next decade.

2) 1940s dresses--I have patterns. I need fabric. I can't wait to whip these up and wear them dancing!

3) The short cloak/mantlet. I bought gorgeous dark blue wool this fall, and have yet to decide if it will be a short cloak or a shaped mantelet. I do know that I want to line it in something soft and lovely for extra warmth (perhaps a silk/cotton blend, though that wouldn't be quite 100% authentic from what I can find). And I would love to add fur accents!

4) Regency clothes. I'm getting more into other time periods--and I have plenty of opportunities to wear Regency clothes if I make them. I'll be starting from scratch here--I'll need chemise, stays, petticoats, gowns,'s a lot to bite off. But in the experimental phases, I'd also like to create some long tunic-style tops inspired by Empire-waisted gowns. For fun.

5) A chemise a la reine. It looks fun. The fabric is easily procured. I think it would be a blast to wear. And I already have the perfect hat. Pictures to come of Perfect Hat...

6) A new jacket for Mother. This one is priority as I promised it as a birthday gift...and Mother's birthday is a month away. Plus, aforementioned Perfect Hat? I stole it from my I owe her!

7) Set up the teensy room in the second floor of the new very old house as a sewing room. I claim it. It's mine. I put a flag in there and everything.


1) Revamp December, revamp query letter, hone the whole thing one more time and get back to querying. I fell off the wagon on the road to publication this fall to take a detour on Academia Avenue, and I plan to get truckin' again.

2) Keep working on Ye Nexte Projecte. I'm calling it, tentatively, The Miniature. I have piles of books to read as research. I'm quietly excited about this one.

3) Build more relationships with critique partners. I love my CPs, and am so grateful to them--I hope to expand and deepen those ties this year!

4) Get better about keeping an idea journal/brainstorming book. I have a gazillion ideas. I just need to get them down on paper so I don't lose them!

Other Stuff

1) Keep dancing! Husband and I plan to take Charleston and Lindy Hop lessons this spring. Yay!

2) Decorate. I can't wait to get my mitts on the new very old house--we get the key tomorrow. And then, watch out--I'm going on a furniture arranging, drape sewing, picture hanging, decorating bonanza. That's right.

What do you hope to do in the new year? Any projects or plans that you're particularly excited about?


Nicole MacDonald said...

That is one heck of a list! My biggies are blab to everyone about The Arrival (interested in reviewing? I can send a pdf?) and then writing the sequel. Sewing projects, I owe mum and nana a 'bucket' bag each.. just have to find some handles (surprisingly tricky in NZ..)

The Arrival, book one of the BirthRight Trilogy, available on Amazon 1.1.2011

Kat Zhang said...

Sounds like a lovely list! More writing and sewing news is always a good thing :D

PS did you ever get my email about the contest and the lists of books?

Hema P. said...

Ah, lovely list of resolutions, Rowenna! I can't wait to read about and see pictures of the progress you make in each of the spheres you mention!

Happy New Year and congratulations on the new house!

I hope to finish revising my current MG novel and embark on the new YA idea that's threatening to take over my life. :)

Rowenna said...

Nicole--I'd love to read and review--drop me a line at hyalineblue079 at yahoo dot com. Good luck with the New Year's venture!!

Kat--thanks, always, for reading!

Hema--Thanks! Good luck with the next projects on your docket!

Caroline said...

That's a very ambitious list! You must post photos of your "new old house." I have to my daily dose of old house real estate candy!

Ax said...

New Year sounds so exciting! Looking forward to updates!

Rowenna said...

Caroline--thanks! I hope to post photos as we get rooms unpacked, arranged, and decorated to our liking--plus nifty historic details

Ax--thanks! Hope your New Year is shaping up well :)