Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered--I loved reading your favorite holiday memories and traditions! To be fair here's on of mine:

My mother's grandmother had the best Christmas cookie recipe, and she passed it, along with all her cookie cutters, on to my mom. Over the years, we've collected more cookie cutters--whenever I see one that she doesn't have yet, I pick it up for her--so we now have an overflowing bin. It's a yearly tradition to bake and decorate Christmas cookies.

Well, when you add a new person into the family--in this case, my husband--you have to integrate them into the traditions. Being a pretty traditional guy, he wasn't too into decorating cookies, but he gave it a go, and even though he tried to make Santa into a nuclear sub and the Christmas ornament into a grenade, we had fun. Until he tried icing red mittens onto a gingerbread man.

Do you know what red mittens on a little gingerbread man look like? Bloody stump gingerbread arms.

He usually helps my dad chop firewood while my mom and I ice and sprinkle cookies now.

And now--without further ado--the winners!

1) Kat Zhang!
2) Caroline!
3) Mesmered!
4) Jasmine!

Please send me an email at hyalineblue079(at)yahoo(dot)com and list the books up for grabs in your order of preference. First to email me gets first choice, second gets first choice, or second choice that's still available, and on down the line. Please include a mailing address.

PLUS! Anyone who entered can email me for a small prize--a small paperback of poetry! Confession--these were favors at my wedding years ago, so they are a sort of re-gift. But isn't that what the holidays are all about, anyway?

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Kat Zhang said...

Thanks for the contest, Rowenna! :D